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Bloodnight -Resurection-
Weap'n Monster


  Olokun maka


Welcome dear visitors on the space reserved
for the group Olokun maka.

Created in October 2001 by Spawn et Vid, two friend passionate by the development of video game, this team try to create some soft in 3D, after having practice the 2D. Today, the team develop different kind and different style of video games, like the Survival-Horror with Bloodnight Resurection, action game with A.R² : Agent.Rico.Redux or the  RPG with Weap'n Monster.

Today, and it’s a secret for nobody, passion is not enough to make good quality software. That’s why Olokun maka use 3DGS version A5 by Conitec to develop their applications. It’s a fast, powerful, cheap and evolutes system. Evolution! It’s something important for a game creation team like us.

All The team of Olokun maka wish you
a nice trip one their official website.

Olokunmaka …. Diversity is Freedom